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I'v wrote this story.. or plot as you an say, was planning to make it into a flash animation series, but I simple lack the skill and resources to make it. But here it is anyway, please read it and tell me what you think!
This is the story as a whole.
conversation scripts are not included
not all character names are included
i still haven't got a name, this is all i have for now, but i sure as hell am gonna make more and fill out all the spaces!
a long time ago in a place far far away (LOL)
in the not-so-far future (maybe 2025),in a different universe, there is an earth just like our own, and there is also a country that plays the role of Egypt in our real world, that country would be called Theryne 
(pronounced Terine)
and that country also happens to have pyramids, so....
humanity was in danger, more deadly viruses has been spread all out the world, and one country had a plague so deadly that it literally was destroyed as a whole, "totally out of the map!"
 SO! it was discovered that the pyramids are some kind of portal to another dimension... 
who discovered that, is the science team of a secret organization called Liptor that searches in extraordinary phenomenons,
organized by a former secret agent in Theryne that saw some strange phenomenons that he couldn't ignore.
so that being discovered,the organization sent a squad of spec. ops , going in stealthy, and they activated that device the org. has created, that device detects any cells that were not originated in this planet
(further explanation about the device should be there)
so the device detected three beams connected together from the top of the three pyramids.
so the squad got a picture of that by a camera that also detects strange things, then they returned to the HQ
then the picture was sent to the science team to be scanned and examined, having the picture examined they discovered that those beams have a power inside of them that if the three beams
were connected together they would do their function, and the beams were connected together to be prevented from being collected on one point,but it was unknown who did that.
anyway, later on , the beams got further into examination and they discovered black matter and other materials in those beams that are able to open a portal!
so the had to open that portal believing that "it can open a portal of knowledge and power for humanity" they believed that it can help humanity and save it from extinction.
so they built something to collect the beams on, its a big iron wheel with three circles on it that make a triangular shape, made out of reflecting material, and space in the middle
having that built, the org. moved the big device by a truck, trying to get the least attention they had some secret agents to distract people in the streets in the way they are having
so the device was on its way , with two combat squads, the science team, and the organization founder.
then they arrived to the location of the pyramids
they landed the big device on the ground, and then one squad got weapons out of the truck specially made to control the beams
, they controlled the beams and aimed the three of them at the big device they had.
suddenly , an earth quake happened and something starting to emerge inside the iron circle, they opened a portal! it was red and black spiral waves,
 strange voices were coming out of it and it emitted a big dark red light
so then, they sent a bot with a camera inside, they saw a place that kinda looked like mars, huge red rock-like grounds and big rocks and mountains all around,
when the bot moved around,they found a lot of things written on a big rock, they took a picture of that, then,
 they saw a shadow moving back in the fog,they sent the bot there to check it out, and suddenly the bot cam went static,
 they saw a split second of something like a laser hitting the bot before it went out
after a while,the team was trying to translate what was written in this rock by zooming in to see what was written.
they spent hours on that inside their little tents they set up in the area.
after they could translate what was written by a device they made that can detect any language as long as it exists/existed
so what was written was that a long time ago, there was 2 alien races, they got in a huge war, and the race that won was a good type of aliens,
they faught the other alien race because they believed they were the superior race and that they are the strongest so they had to conquer the world and eliminate who ever tries to resist.
so the good aliens won and trapped the other aliens in their home planet by building a huge sphere that only they (the good aliens) can remove.
years passed, and the good aliens had died and went extinct because of the wars they faught against other races, as the other alien race was trapped, no one could get in or out their planet
so their number increased and they got stronger
they were called the Porayexons, their planet was called Porayex.... back on Earth...
the team was trying to figure out what those pyramids had to do with anything, and how did they get a portal to the planet where the aliens are trapped! they also understood that the power inside this portal
if attempted to destroy, would make a huge explosion destroying the whole planet, anyway...
having the portal closed, the team had no worries.
But suddenly, the portal opened again, this time, it wasnt humans who activated it, when the portal opened the first time the aliens could figure out how to open it again, they did!
and the Porayexons finally found a new race and a new planet to unleash their fury on!
they had no mercy, they were full of anger and wanted revenge upon the universe! they still believe in their quest, their mission to eliminate everyone and everything,
their desire for destruction got stronger, and this time, they have enough power to accomplish their ultimate dream of annihilation and conquering the universe!
They unleashed apocalypse on Earth, but it wasn't an all out apocalypse, they had to scout the planet first....
They used their level 1 warriors, zombie-like creature, not as slow, but they infect humans with parasites that cause that human to be mind controlled
And now instead of saving humanity, humanity is on the edge of extinction, and they haven't even seen what all those aliens have got!
But humans resisted those aliens, and they believed they had a fighting chance.
killing those level 1 aliens wasn't so hard, they did a lot of destruction but humans could stop them after a while with the help of a the special army the Liptor organization had.
it contained a special team of super soldiers led by their captain that created this liquid to make humans have super strength, he first injicted him on himself believing that he had no other chance to 
defeat the aliens, then he had collected other soldiers that are ready to be injected and help him on his quest, among them was our hero Blast
but after a while the Porayexons realized that those humans were not to be under estimated!
So after sending scouting droids around the planet capturing important areas and the human army, they were ready to unleash hell!
the porayexons made the portal even bigger, huge as hell! that it could be seen from space, they sent out their mother ship and all their big units and vehicular units!
the mother ship deployed the strongest warriors on earth, this time they weren't zombie-like, they were alien soldiers equipped with lasers,plasma guns, plasma grenades and even plasma swords
they had all kinds of advanced weaponry that humans couldn't reach, and the first thing they did was to destroy the Liptor HQ, but not normally destroying it, they haunted it down with stealthy units
,those zombie-like aliens and even infected mind controlled humans, killing everyone on the facility.
but the army Liptor organized was still there, killing aliens and stealing their weapons, led by the captain that led the squad in first, then Blast had a high rank in the army because of his bravery and skill
they called the army, E.D.F (earth defending forces) , they could unite all world armies into one army to stand against the Porayexons and resist them!
then we meet our 3 main characters : 
Thrash, Eve and Blast. Thrash, a stealthy unit in the E.D.F , has great skills in melee combat and close range machine guns also stealthy missions, his real name is unknown but he names himself Thrash
for the love of Thrash Metal.      Eve, a scientist that was in the science team that discovered the whole thing, then worked in advancing the human weapons and examining the alien technology.
and Blast, the first one to join the captain in his super soldiers team. later on becomes the leader of the E.D.F army.
then wars rise among the E.D.F and the Porayexons, later on our heroes meet the lord of Porayex, Porayexmous, he was the one to make them get ahold of the high tech weaponry and vehicles.
also Porayexmous is the son of the Porayex god, Porayouxuez (spelled Poraiouz) and he is the one that made civilization in the Porayex planet, all of this is discovered for the audience through out the series
then later on, the E.D.F does a special mission to infiltirate the mother ship, this will end by a battle between Thrash, Eve , Blast versus Porayexmous, Thrash and Eve will go and steal the things they need 
to get access to advanced weaponry while Blast battles off Porayexmous which ends up with Blast escaping the mother ship with Thrash and Eve in an E.D.F plane.
when the E.D.F get all the technology and weapons they need (also vehicles and high tech suits) 
they enter the portal , having a huge battle against the Porayex army which in this war, the 3 characters will get in the main base fighting aliens and trying to stop the creation of great robots and weapons 
that could annihilate Earth... later on , Thrash discovers that glowing sphere that was kept in a safe place guarded by two Elite warriors of Porayexons,
Thrash kills one of them but fails to kill the other, but just in time a squad of E.D.F gets in shooting the other Elite warrior killing him.
then when the E.D.F got what they wanted they escaped the planet with what they had left but they did massive damage to the Porayexons, and as they were leaving, Thrash couldn't leave,
turns out that this sphere can't leave this planet even by a portal.
then when the humans went back to Earth they thought that Thrash died.
but actually he is still in Porayex hiding from aliens trying to survive on his own and not wanting to let go of the sphere because he's sure somehow it holds ultimate powers.
while Thrash escapes from all the dangers and tries to survive by killing,hiding and eating some stuff that he brought on the way, it was almost that his death was near.
he was out of food,drink and ammo, so as he was hiding , he got kidnapped by a stealth unit alien, sent to the huge castle of the lord, the lord got impressed by his skills and used the weakness of his mind
in this time, to control Thrash and use him for the Porayex army.
Porayexmous gave Thrash super alien powers and a high tech suit equipped with melee weapons and plasma weapons.
The lord turned Thrash into one of them, he made him the general of the army and he was called Reapiron. (spelled re-piron)
there was another general called Nexium that refused the idea of a human to be a general in the army, although the lord tried to explain that i became one of them now but Nexium still says its not right...
then Reapiron gets sent in missions to destroy E.D.F bases around the portal.
and then Reapiron gets sent in a mission to build a big base around the portal on Earth, Reapiron succeeds and Nexium's mission was to prevent E.D.F from interrupting
the construction of the base.
A bunch of spies led by Blast, Eve planned their mission and discovered the safe ways to go to the portal, thats when the E.D.F discovers the construction of the base
the E.D.F built high tech weapons and vehicles from the things they collected of the mother ship and Porayex, so they attacked the base.
but Nexium attacked them on their away, so a aware happened against Nexium's forces and the E.D.F special forces.
Nexium retreats which causes some spies to infiltirate the construction sites and collect Intel and other things. 
5 spies but only one left injured, Reapiron killed the others.
so before that one spy left died, he gave Blast the intel they collected, it was some info about Reapiron. Blast and Eve tried to know the real identity of Reapiron knowing that Thrash should be dead.
so Reapiron builds heavy defences around the base to prevent any another infiltiration.
then Blast and Eve with all the E.D.F, they plan to build a very strong army to destroy the base and the portal, to end this once and for all!
after a while, both armies build a big and strong army.
Reapiron discovers the plans of the E.D.F by kidnapping one of the high ranks of the E.D.F, Reapiron tortures him , gets the information then kills him.
then Reapiron and Nexium join their armies together to fight off the E.D.F attack.
mean while Blast was collecting info about Reapiron on his own, later on discovering that its Thrash inside of Reapiron, its actually Thrash combined with an evil Porayex ancient spirit that
 was inside that sphere.
and Blast tries to discover a way to turn Trash back to normal.
then the E.D.F attacks the base and gets surprised by the huge defenses
a huge war happens around Reapiron's base around the portal 
and an epic battle happens between Blast and Reapiron, Blast tries to tell him that he is Thrash but Reapiron ignores all of this and tries to kill Blast!
then this battle ends up with Blast cutting off Reapiron's hand,then Reaourion retreats as he calls an Elite squade to help him, Blast uses his special weapons to kill the squad but Reapiron has escaped.
the E.D.F are able to get inside the base, the Porayex army retreats into the portal
the E.D.F gets reinforcements and enter the portal then a huge war happens inside the planet of Porayex, when the E.D.F was losing , they retreated back to Earth but some of the army was trapped
to fight to death.
then Blast sits down and thinks about the whole thing,who trapped the Porayexons in the first place? someone who has enough power to put them down for good!
Blast starts digging in with the help of Eve inside the whole thing.
by digging under the pyramids, he found a huge place, full of writings everywhere, and at the end of this huge long place, is a long stairway that leads up to some kind of button, translating whats written
Blast and Eve understand that the good alien reace was called the Astrons, they trapped the Porayexons, they know their weakness because they created them.
after the Astrons attempt to destroy all evil spirits inside their galaxy, all the evil spirits posses bodies that are made out of all the evil that they removed.
the evil Astrons were possesed by evil spirits so strong and so intelligent that they act like a race of their own.
but then the Astrons were able to trap them in a planet that was too dangerous for anyone to live at, then they created the big sphere around the planet preventing them from coming out.
but an evil Astron that survived, called Porayex, built a power strong enough to make a portal to the planet where the Porayexons were trapped to get them back to destruct.
Porayex then was killed but the power he created was kept and couldnt be destroy or it would make an explosion destroying the whole planet.
So the Astron lord Bitronus doubted the return of the Porayexons, so he collected the Elite and most skilled of the Astron army, hybernated them all under three pyramids he had built on the most safe planet
 on the galaxy, Earth.         how come you ask?
Earth was originally in the galaxy where the Astrons lived, but the evil Porayex teleported it to a different galaxy hoping that the Porayexons would return as they are away from the Astrons' watch.
but decades have passed, the Astrons died. but there are still some alive , hibernated under those pyramids...
Blast and Eve were so surprised about that, their only hope was to press that button over there...
when pressed, all the walls around them opened up revealing an army of Astrons Hybernated.
Blast and Eve Di-hibernate each one of them from their cell, when Blast explained the whole story to them, they said that they were to fight one more time against the Porayexons , and that they knew
that this day would come..
having the E.D.F rebuilt with the help of the Elite Astorns, the had super weapons that the Porayexons could never fight against.
Mean while at Porayex, Reapiron discoveres that Porayexmous's plan was to kill Reapiron after the annihilation of humans, so Reapiron told Nexium that the lord is using them to die for his own desires
and that the lord isnt searching for the good of the Porayexons but for only for his own good, and that when he dies, Nexium would be the lord, Nexium getting excited over those words,
Reapiron and Nexium poison Porayexmous, just as that happens,  Reapiron pushes Nexium into an area where they test weapons, and Reapiron orders his army to kill Nexium too
making Reapiron the lord of Porayex!
So Blast says to the Astrons that they mind controlled one of them, and the Astrons replied that this is an ability of the Porayexons, is to amaze someone with a glowing sphere and make them believe there is
infinite power inside, then they mind control them through this sphere, and the only way to get them back is to destroy that sphere.
so Blast includes in the plan to attack Porayex to send stealth units to destroy the sphere.
, then the E.D.F attack Porayex with the help of the Astrons
the Porayexons were surprised of the presence of Astrons! making them feel scared.
an Elite team that was on communication with Eve, made their way inside and destroyed the Sphere.
Reapiron suddenly collapsed, and the evil spirit left his body, and the big armor opened while alot of smoke came out.
Thrash was out of conscious but he was on the ground inside the open armor.
the war is huge but the E.D.F is winning, the E.D.F used their new artillery tanks to destroy all the defenses
the soldiers were killing the Porayex warriors with the help of the Astrons, and the Porayex vehicles were no match to the energy cannon the E.D.F had
the Porayex having no lord and no general, were so weak, so they surrendered , losing the war.
Blast saves Thrash, leaves the planet with the rest of the E.D.F
the Astrons remove the portal and put it back into the pyramids because its the only thing that can hold all the power because it was built by ancient Astron gods.
then, the Astrons -using the portal powers- trapped the Porayexons inside cylinders that were left into space, infront of a black hole to suck them...
and then Blast and Eve, with Thrash this time, hibernate the Astrons again, not in the fear of returning of Porayexons or any aliens, but just to be able to control the power held in the pyramids anytime
"We just hope the humans in the future would be as smart as you to be able to get our help" said the Astrons, saying their good byes.
before hibernation the Astrons helped the humans by giving them ultimate technology to rebuild Earth from all the destruction that the Porayexons caused.
so the Earth was rebuilt, this time, as one nation, as one race united, having realized that they arent alone in this world, they couldnt separate themselves one more.
and then , humanity's doom turns into an evolution...
The End


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